About us – HL Hamburger Leistungsfutter

250.000 tons

feed per year

2.900 products

in our range

170 employees

40 countries


5 corporations



We are leading manufacturer and supplier of special feeds together with compound feeds and pet food for the German and overseas markets. With our headquarter in Hamburg, subsidiary in Poland, joint ventures in Croatia and Bulgaria and trading partners in numerous countries, we are active around the world. Our company has a tradition of more than 140 years in the production of animal feed. We produce a wide range of products of the highest quality. Our core brands PANTO®, IBEKA, Wisan® and ADDIFERM® exceed expectations through their quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. In the raw material refining sector, we are market leaders with our Wisan products and are constantly developing innovative solutions.

Communication is what really matters

for a successful and good business relationship. That is why our field and office staff are always at your side with advice and action. Long-term business relationships based on partnership are our aim.


Order processing

A highly motivated and qualified team offers our partners thorough documentation as well as professional processing of export transactions, taking into account the specific characteristics of the respective export countries. Due to our port location with our own ship loading and modern logistics, we can handle our transports fair and quickly. The main transshipment takes place by container via the port of Hamburg.

  • Customs clearance / documentation
  • Container, truck and wagon loading
  • Transhipment through the port of Hamburg

Customer care

Our export department conducts special seminars in cooperation with our scientific department, taking into account local animal production. Knowledge of animal nutrition as well as animal husbandry and breeding is transferred.

  • Cooperation with partners and agencies
  • Lecture events and seminars
  • On-site customer support
HL Hamburger Liestungsfutter

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