In the production of our feed, we place the highest demands on the quality and safety of our products.
Our quality assurance checks every stage of the process chain with extensive control mechanisms:

  • Selection and auditing of suppliers in conjunction with the Allianz für Futtermittelsicherheit Deutschland eG

  • Purchase of high-quality raw materials primarily from local cultivation
  • Control of raw materials on site for ingredients and mycotoxins
  • Connection to early warning systems
  • Implementation of a HACCP concept across all production stages
  • Control of the end products in accredited laboratories
  • Structured complaint management
  • Motivated and well-trained employees
  • Product development of sustainable and animal welfare products

Our documentation and production processes are continuously checked by internal and external audits according to the certification standards GMP + B1, QM-Milch, VLOG, A-Futter, AMA PASTUS and according to the DE-ÖKO regulation and are therefore constantly being improved.


GMP+ B1 Herstellung, Handel und Dienstleistungen

GMP+ B1 Production, trade and services


GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch (EN)

VLOG-„Ohne Gentechnik“ Produktions- und Prüfstandard

VLOG-„Ohne Gentechnik“ Produktions- und Prüfstandard (EN)

A-Futter Stufe „Futtermittelwirtschaft" – QAL GmbH

A-Futter Stufe „Futtermittelwirtschaft" – QAL GmbH

Öko-Bescheinigung – Fachgesellschaft Öko-Kontrolle mbH

Vermarktung mit BIOPARK-Qualität 2021

Vermarktung mit BIOPARK-Qualität 2021 (EN)

Vermarktung mit BIOPARK-Qualität 2021 (LTU)

Konformitätsbescheinigung pastus+

Gegenseitige Anerkennung zwischen GMP + International und QS