• As a ration supplement
  • Easy to use
  • On top dosage
  • No change in the basic ration

ADDIFERM® problem solver for cattle

In all animal species and performance directions, there can be a drop in performance, supply gaps or, for example, health problems such as diarrhea. These phases require special feeding strategies that our Addiferm® products specifically and effectively support.

Example recommendations and features

High yielding cows
Winter feedingAddiferm® Carotinwith beta-carotene
Fertility disordersAddiferm® Fertilvery high ß-carotene
TMR preservationAddiferm® Stabilsorbic acid
Mycotoxin exposureAddiferm® Mykosorbin• diatomaceous earth
• bentonite
• yeast
• yeast ingredients
Risk of acidosisAddiferm® Pansenpuffer• sodium bicarbonate
• magnesium oxide
Addiferm® Multipuffer• activated buffer substance
• yeast
Crude fiber digestionAddiferm® Faser Crack• sodium bicarbonate
• yeast
• rumen fungitropic substances
Addiferm® Rumen Mix• live yeast
• mixture of fungal cultures Addiferm® Rumen Mix
• dextrose
Nitrogen deficiencyAddiferm® Ncoated slow-release urea
Intestinal disordersAddiferm® ImmunoGast• Dextrose
• Fulvic acid
• functional flavors
Calf drink preservationAddiferm® Kalbacid• dry mixture of organic acids
• Acidification of colostrum
• Milk replacer or whole milk
• no HACCP required
• bactericidal effect by lowering the pH
• 10 g / liter of drink
• Target pH: 5.5

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