• High-value rearing milk replacer
  • Skimmed milk and whey powder based
  • With probiotics
  • Higher biological value
  • Very tasty
  • Easy soluble

PANTO® KÄLBERGOLD milk replacer for rearing calves

PANTO® Kälbergold are very tasty and high soluble milk replacer for rearing calves based on skimmed milk or whey powder. The set with vitamins, trace elements and active substance cares for species-appropriate and demand covering supply in all rearing intensity. PANTO® Kälbergold milk replacer are suitable for bucket and atomatic feeder. On its own or in combination it is possoble to feed these milk replacer intensive or ad libitum.

Example recommendations and features

SMP -basis
60 %A60 ASA60 AS
50 %A11, A50
50 %Profisan• functional flavour
• immunglobuline
30 %A30high lysine
25 %A12high lysine
12,5 %A23very high lysine
A15high fat content
A7low lysine
A13very high fat content
enhancerKolostrum Plus• higher vitamin and iron content
• probioticum
Kälberkrone• higher vitamin and iron content
• probioticum
diat additivePANTO-Lyt• pectine
• glucose
• electrolite

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