• Well-balanced nutrient content
  • High palatability
  • Versatile composition
  • Highly available raw materials

PANTO Mineral buckets for cattle

are very tasty and ensure reliable coverage of requirements dairy cows with different performance levels, calves, young cattle with different feed bases. PANTO® mineral buckets are offered as standard in 10 kg bowls and 20 kg buckets.

Example recommendations and features

High-yielding dairy cows
Pasture, stablePANTO® R91 LCa:P = 7,5:1
GrazingPANTO® R93 LCa:P = 7,5:1, more magnesium
Winter feedingPANTO® R95 LCa:P = 3:1
Dry cowsPANTO® R96 L• Ca:P = 0,75:1, more magnesium
• 17,5 kg bucket
Eco farmsPANTO® R94 L Ö-Lwith eco certificate
Suckler cows, young cattle
PANTO® R97 L GarLickCa:P = 7:1, Garlic against stinging insects
Pasture mast
PANTO® R97 L BigLickCa:P = 24:1, Molasses increased
PANTO® K975 Herba-Lick• essential oils
• fennel
• molasses increased

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