• For all production directions
  • Different starting points
  • Usually an addition to the existing ration
  • Easy to use

ADDIFERM® problem solver for pigs

In all animal species and performance directions, there can be a drop in performance, supply gaps or, for example, health problems such as diarrhea. These phases require special feeding strategies that our Addiferm® products specifically and effectively support.

Example recommendations and features

Fertility disordersAddiferm® Carotin• with beta-carotene
• 150-200 g / sow
• 1 week before to 1 week after weaning
Claw problemsAddiferm® VitaLox• with vitamin E, biotin, selenium
• antioxidants, toxin binders, flavours, herbs
• to reduce oxidative stress
• supports hoof health
DiarrheaAddiferm® Z• Adsorbers, functional flavors, acid combination
• Lowering the pH, binding and discharging toxins, no resistance
• 10 kg per ton of complete feed
Addiferm® ImmunoGast• Dextrose, whey powder, adsorbers, flavors, phytogenic substances
• 2 - 5% per ton of complete feed
Piglets, sows, fattening pigs
Stress and lack of energyAddiferm® ImmunoBoost• 15 000 mg of vitamin E; 30 000 vitamin C
• 16 MJ ME
• Dextrose
• Fast, loss-free energy intake after infection, relocation, weaning or around farrowing
Piglets and fattening pigs:
• 5 % in the end feed for 2 - 3 weeks
• 1 - 2 g per kg live weigh
• 2 days before till 2 days after farrowing
Mycotoxin exposureAddiferm® Mycosorbin• Diatomaceous earth, bentonite, yeast, oligosaccharides
• especially in / after wet summers
• 2 - 3 kg per ton of complete feed
AcidificationAddiferm® Acid• combination of acids to support at infections of the gastrointestinal tract
• lowering the pH of the feed mash
• reduced buffer capacity of the feed
• in the drink: 3 g / liter
• in the feed: 5 kg / to

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