• Physical treated grain
  • Enzyme complex
  • Pluratrace-traces elements premix
  • Different mixing rate

PANTO® Complementary feed for pigs

In the modern pig production feeding with farm own feed materials has a remakable share. Grain plays main role as basic partually in combination with protein source. Due to impossibilty production of species-appropriate and nutrition-optimal mixture only from these components for different production process and feed type, our company has developed suitable complementary feed for all available production process. By that it can be ensured that the pigs will be provided needs-appropriate with nutrition and energy, minerals, trace elements and active substances. In addition our complementary feed brings in the mixtuxe components, which ensure best digestibility im particular life or performance period. So a high health status and a good performance of the animals can be supported.

Example recommendations and features

Sows feed
lactating sowsPANTO® Profikern Top Zucht• 24% crude protein
• 3,5% lysine
• 9 MJ ME
• Phytase
• WISAN Raps, WISAN Lein, potato protein
• active sugar, molecules support sucking behavior of the piglets
• 10% to grain/protein mix
lactating sows, pregnant sowsPANTO® Mehl N• 40% crude protein
• 3,8% lysine
• 12,2 MJ ME
• HP soybean meal, WISAN Lein, PANTO Solufert *)
• potato protein
• Lac sows: 16% to grain
• Pregnant: 10% to grain
PANTO® Profi Kern Sauen• 25% crude protein
• 4,5% lysine
• 8 MJ ME
• HP soybean meal, WISAN Lein, PANTO Solufert *)
• potato protein
• Lac sows: 6% to grain
• Pregnant: 4,5% to grain

*) PANTO SOLUFERT® is a balanced yeast-fatty acids mix eith highrer share of Omega-3-Fatty acids and vitamins as well as with high available organic bound trace elements

Fattening pigs
PANTO® Profikern Amino• 25% crude protein
• 6,8% lysine
• 7 MJ ME
• HP soybean meal, PANTO SOLUFERT *)
• to grain/soybean meal or grain/ leguminous
• Starter: 5%
• Grower: 5%
• Finisher: 4,5%
PANTO® Profi Kern MS• 22% crude protein
• 8% lysine
• 7 MJ ME
• NSP enzymes
• HP soybean meal, potato protein
• to grain/soybean meal
• Starter: 5%
• Grower: 5%
PANTO® Profi Kern MR• 24% crude protein
• 9,5% lysine
• 7,4 MJ ME
• NSP enzymes
• WISAN® Raps, potato protein
• to grain/Wisan Raps
• Starter: 5%
• Grower: 5%
• Finisher: 4,5%

A specific upgrade all farm own mixutures for piglets, sows and fattening pigs can be done by using our PANOCEANA® Mix. This special concentrate consists 2/3 of fish meal. These components/ feed materials provides essential amino acidss, vitamins, trace elements and high available minerals o natural bases. This selective fish meal complement support the feed intake and cares by the sows for stimulation of oestrus and by the piglets and fattening pigs for a higher vitality and higher gain/ growth.


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